Tours, Suggestions of visits, sightseeings and activities

In Bali, it is just impossible to be bored!

A multitude of tours, activities and shows are available to you.

The list below is far from beeing exhaustive and many combinations are possible.
All these destinations are easy to access from Pariliana.
By completing this reading with a guide, this list can help you prepare for your stay.
If you wish we will be happy to help you establish your own program
for which we can book you a taxi or a driver, guide and interpreter.

The price of an excursion with guide is usually 70 to 100 € depending on the number of people, the season and the guide,
for a package of 8 hours maximum. (Please ask us directly for the price depending on the excursion.)

This price includes: taxes, car, gasoline, driver, guide and interpreter, his/her meal and entries to temples.
NB: Your meals and your tickets are not included in the price of the tour.
The guide eats on his side unless you want to have lunch with him/her in local restaurants...


Ubud, the religious, cultural and artistic capital of Bali. Visit of its streets, shops, market  -famous for handicraft works-  (pasar), the King's Palace (Puri), the Monkey forest... Recommended lunch in a restaurant in the middle of rice fields...

Think of a departure around 9:30 am in order to visit the market at its opening. 

It is possible to come back walking (about 30 minutes) by the path of the "bukit" (ridge walk). Your driver and guide shows you the beginning of the path which directly leads to Villa Pariliana and goes back home alone with your shopping bags in the car.


Driving in the countryside around Bangkiang Sidem in direction of Taro, Tampaksiring and the rice fields terraces of Tegallalang.
Visits of the temple "Gunung Kawi Bedulu". Recommended lunch in a restaurant overlooking on the Tegallalang terraces. Visit of the temple "Tirta Empul", then visit of the very interesting "Gunung Kawi" royal monuments at Tampaksiring, going down to a riverside by stairs lined by souvenir and handicraft shops and by rice field terraces.

Think of a departure around 9:30 am .Bring a sarong and a belt. (If you do not have one, you can rent it for only a few rupiahs at the entrance of the temple.)

Ulun Danau And The Market Of Bedugul

Visit of one of the most famous temple of Bali: "Ulun Danau", on the Lake Bratan (Mont Catur caldeira) then the fruit, vegetables and handicraft works market of Bedugul. Recommended lunch at a restaurant specialized in strawberries. 

If the weather is clear it is possible to drive around the Buyan and Tambligan Lakes. It is also possible to get in a prahu or another boat on the Lake Bratan... To go to Banyumala twin waterfalls.

If you're interested in botanic, the biggest botanical garden of Bali "Kebun Raya" can be visited. There you can go tree climbing.

Think of a departure around 9:00 am, a light jacket and an umbrella/parasol. (That's where you can buy small bags of spices.)

Besakih, rice field terrace road of Sidemen and Klungkung

Visit of the mother temple of Bali, "Besakih", on Mount Agung. On the way out or back, take the Sidemen terrace route. Recommended lunch with panoramic views of Klungkung Bay or panoramic view of the rice fields in Iseh or in teh middle of the rice fields in Sidemen. Finally visit Klungkung with its monument to the deads, the Kerta Gosa (former Klungkung Palace), its museum and its fabric market.

Plan a departure around 9:00, a light jacket, an umbrella, a sarong and a belt.

Taman Ayun And Tanah Lot

Visit of the "Taman Ayun" royal temple in Mengwi then "Tanah Lot", the famous temple on a small island by the sea. Handicraft and souvenir shops (some with fixed prices) all along the walking road to get there. Recommended lunch in a restaurant in front of the sea and the temple.

Think of a departure around 9:00 am, a parasol. (Good place for buying postcards and small presents for the one who takes care of your cat or your house.)

Gianyar and its surroundings (Pantai Lebih, Kanto Lampo...)

Visit Goa Gajah, the "elephant cave", then walk on the black sand beach of Pantai Lebih, with traditional fishermen on "prahu" of all colors. Recommended lunch on the beach: spicy seafood, delicious... then go to one of the waterfall of the region (Kanto Lampo, Tibumana...) visit the Gianyar local market and buy "babi guling" (spicy roasted pork) and jajan (sweet Balinese specialties) to taste on site or take away for dinner.

Plan a departure around 9 or 10am, a swimsuit and a towel if you want to enjoy the beautiful pool by the sea at Pantai Lebih.

Ulu Watu and Nusa Dua or Jimbaran

Walk alog the clives of the remarkable temple of Ulu Watu on the "Bukit Badung" peninsula in the south of Bali. Lunch recommended on the beach of Padang-padang or the one of Jimbaran. Then afternoon on the beach of padang-padang, Jimbaran or the one, protected by a coral reef, of Nusa Dua.

Plan a departure around 9:00, a sarong and a belt, a swimsuit and a towel and sunscreen.

The Moon of Pejeng, Yeh Pulu and Petulu

Visit of Penastaran Sasih Temple, Yeh Pulu Carved Cliff and Petulu Crane Village. Possibility to visit also the archaeological museum of Tampaksiring.

Visits possible in half a day.

Galleries of Sculpture, Paintings, Jewelry and agricultural tourism

Visit workshops of wood carvers, jewelers, painters. Exhibitions of sculptures, jewels, paintings worthy of beautiful museums.  

Finally, know what these species are like in nature: cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, cocoa, coffee... and maybe try the famous coffee Luwak.

Goa Lawah, Candi Dasa, Tenganan and Lempuyang

Visit of Goa Lawah, at the entrance of a cave with its ceiling covered with bats, facing the sea. Lunch recommended in one of the restaurants with a traditional menu consisting only of fish. Photo of Padang Bai Bay in Candi Dasa, a small seaside resort in eastern Bali. Afternoon in Tenganan, traditional village of Bali agas.

Plan a departure around 10:00, a sarong and a belt.

NB: the day can either start or end with a visit to the temple of Lempuyang with a magnificent view of Mount Agung when the sky is clear. In this case it will obviously be necessary to leave earlier.

Amed, Ujung et Tirtagganga

Objective: go to Amed for lunch on the beach and have a swim and / or snorkeling. 

On the road, visit of the Ujung Palace and on the way back, visit the "water" gardens of Tirtagganga Palace.

Plan a departure around 8 or 9:00. Bring: swimsuit, towel, mask and snorkel if you have your own equipment (possible rental of mask and snorkel at the recommended restaurant for about € 3). Do not hesitate to take (from your country because we do not find some in Bali) small plastic slippers to protect your feet on the beach and in the water.

Mount Batur and Handicraft shops of Tegallalang

Road to the caldeira of Mount Batur. Take a look at the panorama in Penelokan to take pictures. Opportunity to visit the highest temple in Bali (Pura Puncak Penulisan) with views of 3 of Bali's 4 sacred mountains, in a row and the north coast of Bali just 10 km away.
Lunch either in one of the panoramic restaurants of Penolakan (negotiate the price of buffets ...).
Either descent to the heart of the caldeira with a stop at the lake (miraculous tower on the lake) and lunch in a small restaurant in Toya Bunkah with bath in the hot springs of Batur (the most pleasant of Bali!)
Return by craftsmen and exporters road of Tegallalang. Stops at the craft shops that interest you.

Expect a departure around 9:30, a little wool and bathing suit (100 or 200 000 Rp. Per person, depending on where you go, for bathing in warm water.)

Parc des papillons, Batukaru et Jati Luwih

Beautiful loop to the north-west center of Bali with the visit of the Wanasari butterfly and sticks park, the visit of the temple of Batukaru, (the most sacred temple of western Bali on Mount Batukaru). Small road that winds along the mountainside on the splendid rice terraces of Jati Luwih. Lunch recommended in front of the panorama of the rice terraces of Jati Luwih. Then walk in the rice fields. (If you do not go for a walk in the rice fields, the tour can continue with the visit of Ulun Danu Bratan temple in Bedugul.)

Plan a departure around 9:00, a sarong and a belt.
NB.: Children who have not yet lost their first tooth and mothers whose child has not yet had their first tooth are not allowed to enter the temple ... In this case we take turns with children who stay outside the temple during the visit.

Trekking In The Ricefields and jungle around Bangkiang Sidem

Walk in the rice fields around Pariliana with a descent into the jungle to a small wobbly bamboo bridge to cross the river (for the most valiant. If not, the path of the walk can be changed to be accessible to all).
Walk about 2 hours with explanations given by your guide on all that and those you meet (fauna, flora, farmers in the rice fields ...). It is to discover the real Bali, the unsuspected but real life of still the major part of Balinese.

(See the Services section.)

Use walking shoes (simple tennis or closed shoes will do) and clothes that do not fear the slush. Departure in the early morning at 6 or 7:30 am.

Sanur and its beach

Sanur Beach is the closest beach to swim in Ubud. Walk on the waterfront and have lunch on the beach. Swimming, paddle and sunbath on deckchairs. Shopping in the small town without forgetting the visit of the museum Le Mayeur (Belgian painter) ...

Departure advised around 10:00. Provide a swimsuit, a towel and sunscreen.

Kuta and its surfers' Beach

Visit of the big tourist pole of Kuta-Legian-Seminyak. Lunch recommended on the beach. Afternoon beach, swimming, surfing on the rolls or shops.

Departure advised around 9:30. Provide a swimsuit, a towel and sunscreen.

Ubud painting museums

Neka Museum for the quality of the exhibited works and the pleasure of the walk in the museum.

Antonio Blanco Museum for the magic of the place.

Puri Lukisan Museum (Museum of Modern Balinese Art of Ubud Palace)

Arma Museum, Rudana Museum ...

Amed, Pemuteran, Lovina, Lembongan, Penida, Gili...

Go for a few days snorkeling and diving in Amed, north-east of Bali, Pemuteran in northwestern Bali or relax under the sun of Lovina, on the north coast of Bali or go to enjoy the beaches of the Gili islands of Lombok or Lembongan, Ceningan and Penida...

Some possible loops

  • Goa Gajah, Pantai Lebih, Goa Lawah, Candi Dasa, Tenganan
  • Gunung Kawi Sebatu, Gunung Kawi Tampaksiring, Tirta Empul, Mont Batur, Besakih
  • Taman Ayun, Tanah Lot, Jati Luwih, Ulun Danau, Bedugul

There is many possible loops and we will be happy to explain them to you if you ask.

More sports, more fauna and flora...

  • Opportunities to go rafting on the Ayung River near Ubud, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, cycling, trekking, seeing dolphins, to do a day of fishing at sea on a prahu, tree top in the Botanical garden of Begudul...

  • Possibilities to visit: the Bali Bird Park, Reptile Park, Botanical Garden, Gianyar Zoo, Safari and Marine Park, Butterfly Parc, Elephant Park...

Cultural and religious life

For the cultural life there is the life of our village, the ceremonies in the temples and often even in Bangkiang Sidem ...

While strolling in the village you will be able to possibly initiate you to the Gamelan (traditional Balinese orchestra), to the making of the offerings (Banten) and especially to go to meet the Balinese ones and to attend religious ceremonies at the private ones when there are some.

Art, dance, yoga...

If you want to learn how to make small baskets of offerings, sculpture, painting, dance, yoga or even to speak Indonesian... we can help you find the teacher or the place where to take classes.

Massages and spas

Not a baby, not a painful back that is not massaged within the family...
A true cultural institution, massages are part of everyday life of the Balinese.

You can have a massage anywhere in Bali, in the middle of rice fields, in the heart of Ubud or at home by appointment, directly in your room or in your garden...

(Prices often vary between 150,000 and 200,000 Rp. (+/- 9 to 12 € for an one-hour massage.)

Cooking lessons

And always, of course, the opportunity to introduce you to the secrets of Asian cuisine with our Chef.

(See section: Wayan's Cooking Lessons)

Shows and life by night

For the evening, besides the pleasure of candlelight dinner at our restaurant or in restaurants that rival of charm in our village or in Ubud, you must plan a night of Legong Dance, one of Kecak and fire dance, one for the Barong Dance ... And more if affinities.