Wayan's Cooking Lessons

Would you like to know how to make the favorite dishes of your holidays?

Our Balinese Chef gives you all the secrets of his personal recipes, in English or in French, in our space dedicated to our private* cooking classes, at the entrance of our village or in our restaurant in the village. How to go to the cooking class ?

During, more or less an hour and a half until 2 hours (depends on the number of attendant you are and your degree of curiosity), our Chef, Wayan, demonstrates to you and above all makes you prepare and realize, each, the two recipes that you will have chosen in advance among the Indonesian specialties of our menu (see below), by making an appointment. 
(Two recipes per session whatever is the number of people attending the lesson ;-)

He will tell you all the ingredients (and substitute ingredients if necessary) that you can easily find at home, to be able to remake these recipes on your return.

The workshop ends with the tasting of your dishes that you can share with those of your fellow travelers who have not taken the course and, in this case, can join you one hour and a half after the beginning of the lesson.

The workshops are held by appointment, every day, at 11:30 am or from 4:00 pm.

(*) As soon as you book for 2 people or more, your workshop is a private class.
If you book a workshop for yourself, we will allow other people, if possible alone or as a couple, to join your course but it is, of course, the first person who will have booked who will have chosen the 2 recipes of the lesson.

Choice Of the recipes of Your Cooking lesson

You can choose your two recipes (2 dishes per session), to specify when you book, from the following:
  • Mie goreng (Fried asian noodles with vegetables and meat)
  • Nasi goreng (Fried rice with vegetables, meat and egg)
  • Cap Cay (Various vegetables and pork or chicken to choose, cooked in their juice flavored with spices and accompanied by rice)
  • Sayur hijau (green vegetables (from their name "sayur hijau") and chicken cooked in their fragrant spice juice and accompanied by rice)
  • Ayam goreng (Chicken and vegetables (whose dominant vegetable is tomato) cooked in their juice flavored with spices (including sesame oil) and accompanied by rice)
  • Mie kuah (Soup of small noodles and vegetables)
  • Fu yung Hai (omelette with vegetables and sweet and sour sauce)
All our recipes can be made in a vegetarian or vegan way. Please specify it when you book.

Our advice for the choice of recipes:
In our opinion, the most judicious choice is either nasi goreng or mie goreng for one of the dishes, because these two recipes are a little similar and because they are two basic recipes of Indonesian cuisine.
In the second course, we advise you to choose either Cap Cay or Ayam Goreng, because one of these recipes will give you the basic techniques of Indonesian cuisine, especially with regard to the choice and the dosage of spices and sauces and because you can easily find the ingredients to your return when you want to redo these dishes.
If you live next door to an Asian grocery store and are looking for ideas for cooking vegetables "from elsewhere", then the Sayur hijau will be a very good choice.

Price of the cooking lessons

450 000 Rp. all taxes included, per person, (29,2 € at the actual average rate of change of 1 € for 15 400 Rp. - December 2019)
The price of the workshop includes the tasting of your dishes at the end of the session.
Except for drinkable water, the price does not include drinks or other dishes (desserts or other) that you could order during the lesson or tasting.
In order to confirm your cooking lesson, we will ask you a deposit of about 25% to be paid on site or by Paypal, when booking your workshop.

To make an appointment

Email : parilianabali@gmail.com
Mobile Phone* ("Nathalie Wayan" on Viber and Whatsapp) : +62 822 3629 3319

Please make an appointment at least the day before and make sure we have received your message.
Feel free to resend your message if we have not answer within 4 hours.
Your lesson is firmly booked at the receipt of your deposit. 
We confirm it to you by email.

To Pay The Deposit Of Your Cooking Class

After being in touch with us and being sure that the date and time of your choice is available for your cooking class, we will invite you to pay a deposit according to the number of people for whom you book.

In order to be redirected towards the secured page of Paypal and to proceed to the payment of the deposit of your cooking lesson, by bank card or Paypal account, thank you to click on the following button:
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