To know the availabilities of our accommodations,
We thank you for contacting us by e-mail, by clicking on the following link or to text us through WA (+62 822 3629 3319)

thank you to indicate us in your email:

  • the chosen accommodation or, where appropriate, the words "indifferent accommodation"
  • dates of stay (date of arrival and date of departure)
  • the number of adults,
  • the number and the age of each child (The age of the children allows us to foresee the beds and possibly to advise you the best adapted lodging.)
  • your country of residence, (This allows us to offer you the least expensive payment terms for you and for us.)
  • your email,
  • your phone number.

If We Have not Answered in the shortest time 
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(without forgetting the possible difference of time between us :)

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