A la carte Dinner with prices

Prices, indicated here in brackets, are all taxes included. They are in thousand Rupees. You can convert these prices into your own currency using the converter attached at the end of the page.

NB .:

  • With some exceptions and on prior request, our restaurant is not open for lunch.
  • For dinner, please order your meals the day before or no later than the morning of your meal.


  • Salad of tomatoes and soybeans (30.-)
  • Salad of carrots shredded, tomatoes, and soybeans (35.-)
  • Entrée Pariliana (tuna, egg, tomato, rice and green salad) (45.-)
  • Entrée Marlin (smoked Marlin, potatoes, capers, Basil and salad) (50.-)
  • Entrée shrimp cocktail (prawns, salad, shredded carrots, raisins, and cocktail dressing) (45.-)

Indonesian specialties

  • Mie goreng (fried small noodles with vegetables and meat) (59.-)
  • Nasi goreng (fried rice with vegetables, meat and egg) (59.-)
  • Fu Yung Hai (Indonesian Omelette with vegetables mixed into) (55.-)
  • Cap Cay (vegetables and chicken cooked in their flavored juice, served with rice) (59.-)
  • Sayur hijau (green vegetables and chicken in their flavored juice, served with rice) (59.-)
  • Mie kuah (noodle soup with vegetables) (55.-)
  • Ayam goreng (chicken, tomatoes and vegetables cooked in sesame oil, served with rice) (- 59)

Pariliana specialties

  • Salad Pariliana (tuna, egg, tomato, rice and green salad) (75.-)
  • Marlin salad (smoked Marlin, potatoes, capers, basil and salads) (80.-)
  • Shrimp Cocktail salad (prawns, green salad, shredded carrots, raisins and cocktail dressing) (75.-)
  • Babi kecap - Caramel pork (pork in caramel sauce, served with rice) (75.-)
  • Babi kecap asam manis - Pineapple and caramel pork (pork and pineapple in caramel sauce, served with rice) (75.-)
  • Mushroom and ginger pork or chicken (pork or chicken and mushrooms in cream, served with rice) (90.-)
  • Fish with lime and Pariliana sauce (fish upon arrival) (slice of marlin or other fish, fried potatoes, lime and sauce) 110.-)
  • Grilled Steak (grilled beef Steak and French fries) (110.-)

Balinese specialty*: Menu bebek tutu for two (700.-)

  • Set Menu for 2 persons:
    • 2 Wayan's cocktail
    • 1 Duck stuffed with secret spices, fragrant but not spicy. Cooked in a palm leaf in an aven underground for 24 hours, Yellow rice and *Jukut Urab (soy, green beans, grated coconut)
    • 2 fruit salads
* On order minimum 24 hours in advance


NB.: All our dishes can be made in a vagetarian or vegetalian way but maybe the best ones are:

  • Tempe Kecap asam manis (Tempe pineapple and caramel) (Tempe and pineapple with caramel sauce, served with rice) (70.-)
  • Mushroom and ginger tofu (Tofu and mushrooms cooked in cream and ginger, served with rice) (85.-)
  • Mie goreng (fried small noodles with vegetables and egg) (55.-)
  • Nasi goreng (freid rice with vegetables, tempe and egg) (55.-)


  • Rice (10.-)
  • Green beans (30.-)
  • Green Salad (25.-)
  • French fries / smash potatoes / freid potatoes (35.-)
  • Pasta with butter (30.-)


  • Big salad and boiled egg (40.-)
  • Plain omelette / Scrambled or fried eggs (25.-)
  • Chicken nuggets, (4 pieces) (35.-)
  • Fried breast of chicken (30.-)
  • Frankfurt sausage (2 sausages) (35.-)
  • Sausage Bali (2 sausages) (33.-)


  • Whole wheat sandwich bread (2 slices) (6.-)
  • Whole wheat sandwich bread toasted (2 slices) (8.-)
  • White sandwich bread (2 slices) (6.-)
  • White sandwich bread toasted (2 slices) (8.-)


  • Tropical fruit salad (30.-)
  • Banana or Pineapple Belle Bali (fried and flambée banana or pineapple, chocolate sauce, ice cream) (60.-)
  • Melba mango or pineapple (mango on season or pineapple, chocolate sauce, ice cream) (55.-)
  • Banana split (banana, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce) (60.-)
  • Ice cream (two scoops: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or Mocha) (30.-)
  • Milk Shake (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or Mocha) (45.-)
  • Pancakes:
. Sugar (30.-)
. Butter and sugar (35.-)
. Jam (35.-)
. Honey and lime (38.-)
. Coconut and honey (40.-)
. Chocolate (45.-)
. Pineapple or banana (45.-)
. Extra ice cream scoop on the pancake (14.-)
  • Homemade yogurt (20.-)

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