Lunch and Dinner Carte


 Tomato and soy bean salad
 Tomato, soy bean and carrot salad
 Pariliana special entrée (Pâté of tuna, egg and rice with salads)
 Marlin entrée (Smoked marlin, potatoes, capers, basil, salads)
 Shrimp cocktail entrée (Shrimps, green salad, carrots, raisins, and cocktail dressing)

Indonesian Specialties

 Mie goreng (Fried small noodles with vegetables and meat)
 Nasi goreng (Fried rice with vegetables, meat and egg)
 Fu Yung Hai (Indonesian omelette with vegetables mixed into)
 Cap Cay (Vegetables and chicken cooked in their flavored juice, with rice)
 Sayur hijau (Green vegetables and chicken in their flavored juice, with rice)
 Mie kuah (Noodle soup with vegetables)
 Ayam goreng (Chicken, tomatoes and vegetables cooked in sesame oil, with rice)

Pariliana specials

 Pariliana salad (Pâté of tuna, egg and rice with salads)
 Marlin salad (Smoked marlin, potatoes, capers, basil with salads)
 Shrimp cocktail salad (Prawns, green salad, carrots, raisins and cocktail dressing)
 Babi kecap (Caramel Pork) (Pork in caramel sauce (kecap manis), served with rice)
 Babi kecap asam manis (Pineapple & caramel pork) (Pork and pineapple in caramel sauce, served with rice)
 Mushroom & ginger pork or chicken (Pork or chicken and mushrooms cooked in fresh cream or coconut milk and ginger powder, served with rice)
 Fish with lime and Pariliana sauce (fish upon arrival) (Slice of marlin, thuna or tengiri fried potatoes, lime and Pariliana sauce)
 Grilled steak (Grilled beef steak and french fries)

Balinese specialty*

The Balinese festive meal (*On order minimum 24h in advance)

 Bebek Tutu set menu (for 2 people) 
- 2 Wayan's Cocktails
- 1 Duck stuffed with secret spices, fragrant but not hot spicy (Cooked in a palm leaf in an oven underground for 24 hours)
- Yellow rice and "Jukut urab" (soy, green beans, grated coconut)
- 2 tropical fruit salads


NB.: All our meat dishes can be made with tempe or tofu

 Tempe kecap asam manis (Pineapple & caramel tempe) (Tempe and pineapple in caramel sauce served with rice)
 Mushroom and ginger tofu (Tofu and mushrooms cooked in fresh cream or coco milk and ginger powder, served with rice)
 Mie goreng (Fried small noodles with vegetables and egg)
 Nasi goreng tempe (Fried rice with vegetables, tempe and egg)


 Rice
 French beans
 Green salad
 French fries/smash potatoes/fried potatoes
 Pasta with butter


 Big salads and boiled egg
 Plain omelette/ Scrambled or fried eggs
 Fried breast of chicken
 Chicken nuggets (4 pieces)
 Frankfurter (2 pieces)
 Sausage Bali (2 pieces)


 Wholewheat sandwich bread (2 slices)
 Wholewheat sandwich bread toasted (2 slices)
 White sandwich bread (2 slices)
 White sandwich bread toasted (2 slices)


 Tropical fruit salad
 «Belle Bali» Banana or pineapple (Fried and flambée banana/pineapple, vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce)
 Melba Mango (seasonal) or pineapple (Mango, caramelized coco, vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce)
 Banana split (Banana with vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream scoops, chocolate sauce)
 Ice cream (Two scoops: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or moka)
 Milk Shake (Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or moka)
 Pancakes :
- Sugar
- Butter and sugar
- Jam
- Honey and lime
- Coconut and honey
- Chocolate
- Pineapple or banana
- Extra ice cream scoop on the pancake
 Home-made plain yogurt