With your family at Pariliana

You're travelling with your family?

In Bali and especially in Pariliana, children are welcome.

Balinese people are very fond of children and will be so happy to be very caring for them... Moreover you do not have much to fear for their health because Bali is a comparatively "sanitized" island where there is no mandatory vaccination to do, few nasty diseases they could catch and some well-equipped clinics.

On our side, we will be happy to show them or lend the games and old toys or books of our children (boys of 16 and 15 years old and 13 year old girl) with whom they will be able to play or communicate (in French and in English!).

We will be able to study your program of visits and activities, in particular, according to your little darlings, by indicating you those which they prefer generally and by adapting the others as best as possible.


In the Villa of the temple and the Villa of the village we will be able to add, at your request, small beds adapted to their age.

Icing on the cake: Balinese food is delicious and your children will maybe alos be happy, from time to time, to eat in Pariliana with simple food "as at home"...

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So, if you were hesitating, do not hesitate anymore. Bali is the right place for travelling with your family!