Comparison Of The Accomodations

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Do you hesitate on the choice of your accommodation?
To Help You In Your Choice, Here Are Some Comparison Items:

From the equipment point of view, the Villa pariliana (ex-Pavilion) has, in addition to the others, a washing machine.
The Villa of the village and the Villa Pariliana have both an equipped kitchen while the guest bedrooms have just a small fridge and a kettle per room and one mineral water dispenser for all the White House.

Garden and pool:
Both houses, Villa Pariliana and Villa of the village, have their private garden and private swimming pool while the bedrooms of the White House share all the exterior parts (balcony, terrace, swimming pool).
The swimming pool of the Villa¨Pariliana is bigger (15 m²) than the one of the Villa of the village (11 m²). The pool of the White House is not private but it is the largest (± 30 m²).
The swimming pool of the Villa of the village is warmer and a little further from the house than the one of the Villa Pariliana. It is also a little better protected for children because it raises at about 50 cm from the surface of the ground.

Accommodation capacity:
Designed for 4 or 6 people, the Villa Pariliaan is also perfect for 2 people and can still accommodate 7 (or even 8 people if your children are relatively small and can sleep 2 on each of the trundle beds (120x200) of the large room).
The Villa of the village is suitable for 4 to 6 people with an extra single bed in both bedrooms.
All guest rooms including the 3rd bedroom of the Villa of the village, that we call the "Bungalow", are for 1 to 2 people.

Room layout:
The Villa of the village has two rooms in the same building, one above the other, while in the Villa Pariliana, the two rooms are set one in the "hard" building and the other at 1 or 2 m distance from the main building, in the wooden chalet (the Joglo).
In the White House, low-priced and standard rooms are located upstairs and have views of the rice fields. Superior rooms are located on the ground floor, around the pool. Only one of teh superior room has a view on the rice fields.

Air conditioning and mosquito nets:
The Villa of the village has air conditioning in the ground floor bedroom but not in the upstairs bedroom.
The Villa Pariliana has air conditioning in the main bedroom but not in the chalet.
All guest rooms and the Bungalow have air conditioning.
The bedrooms of the Villa of the village and the Villa Pariliana, that do not have air conditioning, have fans.
In addition, we emphasize that in Ubud countryside where we are located, air conditioning is not essential. At night the temperatures are generally between 18 and 24 ° C (more or less like in Europe when our houses are heated in winter) and very rarely hotter.

Only the double bed of the Villa Pariliana in the main bedroom and the bedroom upstairs of the Villa of the village are equipped with mosquito nets. This more as decorations than by necessity... The doors, windows and openings of the joglo (wooden chalet) are protected by nets.
Do not worry, usually mosquitoes do not bother us and if there is no mosquito net on the other beds it is because, sincerely, it is not necessary.
Location and environment:
From a location point of view, the Villa Pariliana and the guest rooms of the White House are located in front of the rice fields at the entrance of the village, 100 m from our house, the Villa of the village, the Bungalow and our restaurant.
This environment is relatively quiet because a little behind the village while the Villa of the village and the Bungalow are in the heart of the village and there, we enjoy a little better the inevitable Balinese sound background as roosters and dogs and the village awakens from 6 to 8 am.
However, the Bungalow is the most exposed to noise and animation because it overlooks the small road of the village while the Villa of the village as our own house is a little behind.
Everything is relative, of course, but we are located in a very small country village which, therefore, still provides you with peace and quiet compared to a big city but with the ambient Asian background...

Adapted rates:
The Villa Pariliana is more expensive than the Villa of the village because it is quieter, there is a washing machine, the pool is bigger and our fees are more important than the one of the Villa of the village,
The "small price"  guest room has only one bay window and no separate window. Standard rooms have one or two windows more than the bay window which allow you, if you want to, to open a window at night and forget about air conditioning. The superior rooms are twice as big as the other rooms and have in addition a lounge in the room. 

The Villa of the village would be like a town house (I mean "village house") and the Villa pariliana, the house of the fields ...
The guest rooms of the White House are really nice and quiet and enjoy the view of the rice fields.
It's up to you to choose what suits you best according to your criteria...

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